Sound Bar Question - Which One is Better?

Answer Of the two the Vizio is order to attach a sound bar to an HDTV it needs to have optical in connections (not all do) also HDMI is helpful for Blu ray...also the number of drivers is goo... Read More »

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Which is better (polaroid question)?

Not much difference here because the 600 and Time Zero films these cameras use is no longer manufactured. The 600 is newer and a bit more versatile because of the film's higher ISO, or it would be ... Read More »

So a simple question, which is the best browser.?

Firefox all the way! The safest, most functional and fastest browser around. IE8 is utter crap!

Question about which concealer to pick!?

OH MY GOSH ...I was you a year ago! I tried all of those & then i tried the landcome protective undereye concealer...its even waterproof! I cant tell you how nice this is ..its $25 but soo worth it... Read More »

POLL QUESTION:which is best windows XP or vista?

XP, i have vista and trust me it is no good. not good for installing software, has bugs, mostly only thing is some parts look better,apart from that its rubbish, i keep getting pop ups on the inte... Read More »