Which psu i need it for my system ?

Answer A 400 watt PSU will be quite sufficient for you.

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I reali need to buy a music system,but i dont understand which iz better between a home theatre and a hi-fi?

I've recently done some research and gone to best buy. The home theater in a box typically dont last long and do not sound as good as the ones that do not really have their name plastered everyone ... Read More »

What is the difference between a PA system and power amp systems , which system can use for big Mosque?

An amplifier is merely an amplifier. A PA system would include an amplifier, speakers & microphones.

If you need to shock a salt water pool because of algae do you need to turn the salt system off for awhile?

Answer If you keep all your water balances correct and run the chlorine generator unit properly keeping the Chlorine level of 1.0-3.0 PPM you should never need to shock your pool. I have heard of a... Read More »

Need a company name which need consultant to help them in recruiting the candidates?

You need to have your sister schedule you as an covered driver on her auto insurance policy to be covered.Non Owners Insurance will not cover you in any vehicle to which you have regular access.