Which protein do I take?

Answer It is healthier to get your protein frrom food and as nearly all food contains protein you should find no trouble obtaining it. The strongest prptein sources are beans, wholegrains, spinach, mushro... Read More »

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Which part of an egg has protein?

Both the egg white and the egg yolk contain protein. An egg can supply up to 6 g of high quality and nutritional protein. While both parts supply protein, the egg white (albumen) is responsible for... Read More »

How much protein should i take?

for building muscles naturally - 5 -6 days a week of weightlifting is too much, you need recovery days, that is when you actually grow. 4 day split program will work great. train a day take a day o... Read More »

Should i take this protein?

no. shortcuts will never be as healthy or effective as the normal, old-fashioned way. you don't need any protein supplement. Just healthy food. And don't get me started on diet pills.

Which is the best protein supplement?

On One Hand: Whey ProteinWhey is the most common form of protein available as a supplement. It is easily and quickly digested and is best used by people with a very active lifestyle. It is importan... Read More »