Which programming language should I learn next, Java or python?

Answer Neither. If you already learned one, then move forward to advanced topics, not laterally to other languages.

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Do you need to know the java programming language to do java scriptinga?

Simple answer: No.When "JavaScript" was invented, Java was the hot new language and Netscape picked a name with Java in it just to get attention. There's no real connection beyond that. The borin... Read More »

How to Learn Python Programming Online?

Python is a powerful programming language that can be used in a variety of applications. It's also one of the easier languages to learn and it works well on almost every platform in existence. One ... Read More »

I will learn java programming .. so plz say any websites?…

How to Learn The Python Language?

This will be a brief introduction to the Python programming language. This guide isn't meant to make you a "1337 l-l4l