Which programme required to open *.pdf document?

Answer adobe acrobat reader. you can download it free from the web:

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How to Convert a Works Nine Document to an Open Office Document?

Included with some mass manufactured laptops and desktops, Microsoft Works 9 acts as the lower-priced version of the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Works features word processor, spreadsheet, ca... Read More »

Well i have scanned a document using a scanner,how can i make it editable i.e a word document which i can edit?

Pretty simple, you need an OCR application. It will convert the image into text file. Download from here:

How to open PHP file and what program required to open it?

You either have an HTML document generated using PHP (in which case rename it so it has a .html file extension and open it in a web browser), or you have some PHP program code (in which case place ... Read More »

What was the name of the 90's kids show that the characters were after finding a ruby which was buried in the ground It was a programme which actors dressed up in animal costumes?

Yes, there is going to be another season! and its coming out this Septemember 10th 08. hope it helped.