Which products, used by few today, will be essential in five years?

Answer Online Television. Not many people use it currently, mainly because it is just beginning to develop, but soon TV will be replaced by the internet. People will be able to just watch any show they wa... Read More »

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Can you make natural cleaning products out of essential oils?

That's how i sanitise all my kitchen surfaces, tabletops, benches, cupboard shelves, door handles, bathroom and toilet ............. chemical free, very cheap and no nasty ingredients either to up... Read More »

Essential for children 12 years of age or younger to ride on the rear seat of a vehicle?

How safe are the insulation products used today?

On One Hand: Only the Fumes Are DangerousAccording to Inspectapedia, a building and environmental inspection clearinghouse, the insulating materials being used today are toxic only if burned and th... Read More »

I am a 16 yr old addicted to smoking and other tobacco products since 2 years...i want to quit now.?

You've only been smoking for 2 years. You don't need the nicorette gum or the patch. You can do it easily with will power. I started smoking when I was 15 and stopped earlier this year. I'm 19 now.... Read More »