Which produces more urine: Gatorade vs. water?

Answer On One Hand: Water Produces More UrineAccording to a 1992 study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, 19 college students in Austin, Texas exercised and then rehydrated themsel... Read More »

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Regular Water Vitamin Water Or Gatorade Which would you prefer more?

Vitamin Water - Because I'd be quenching my thirst and hydrating myself and getting some vitamins at the same time.(But in the meantime, I just drink water... Some of that vitamin water is just kin... Read More »

Water Vs Gatorade?

Which one: Gatorade or Water?

waterGatorade makes you fat and rots your teeth.

Water or gatorade?

Gatorade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gatorade:H2O+CHO+Na+Cl+KWater:H2O Water is a good thirst quencher, but not a good rehydrator. That's because water turns off thirst prematurely and turns on the kidney... Read More »