Which printers work better with macs. Epsons or Hps?

Answer From mine point of view Epson is best as this provides the ability for users to copy, scan or fax documents if they should require this technology. The printer has wireless printing capabilities an... Read More »

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With printers, which is better HP or Lexmark?

I've been useing LexMark printers for years they do a great job and have been trouble free. I bought mine for about $50.00 at Wallmart and never had any paper jaming problems.Good luck

Which is better, PCs or Macs?

Macs... especially since Bill Gates created and modelled Windows (which nearly every PC operates on) after touring a Macintosh factory. Windows is far less user-friendly. Macintosh systems are mo... Read More »

In your opinion, which is better Macs or Windows Why?

Windows, you want to know why there is no viruses and stuff on macs? because nothing runs on them. If you want choice, PC's is the way to go

Which computer is better macintosh i-macs or Microsoft windows computers?

Whats the big argument, Mac just recently became the #5 seller of PCs. Why not get a Mac and run both windows and OSX on it and decide for yourself. If you get a virus on the PC side, it won't jump... Read More »