Which printers have refillable ink cartridges?

Answer Inkjet, laser, dot matrix, LED, line, typewriter-based thermal, dye-sublimination and daisy wheel printers, which are the only printers being used in significant numbers today, can all be refilled.... Read More »

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Which printers have the best and most cost efficient ink cartridges?

First off, it depends on what you are printing and what quality it needs to be printed in. If you are printing nothing but black and white, a laser printer is still the best way to go, a toner cart... Read More »

Do new printers have epmty ink cartridges?

It is true that printers come with "Starter Cartridges" this was actually because people were replacing the printers, instead of the inks. Printers are often sold at a loss and the money is made v... Read More »

Are HP 60 ink cartridges refillable?

Do color laser printers have separate toner cartridges?

The wax is actually a third class of printer called a Solid ink It is mostly found with Xerox prints.THat is not common, unless you are buying a xerox color phaser printer.Most Colour laser printe... Read More »