Which printer you prefer HP or Canon?

Answer Canon is known to produce prints that are extremely cheap. And I mean extremely. But all their printers run slow and cartridge price rises after the model is sold out of the market and a new printe... Read More »

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Do you prefer to buy a Canon printer 3 in one or Hp printer 3 in one?

I prefer Canon, and here's why:HP got lazy with quality, so they made them CHEAPER. The paper handing stinks, and INK got more expensive. (the same price for smaller cartridges).Canon just keeps ... Read More »

Which one do you prefer Sony or Canon?

well i think handicam is copywritten and sony owns it, so i would have to go with sony.i own a sony dvd handicam also it works well, it has a carl wiess or swiess or whatever his name is lens, and... Read More »

Which do you prefer, Canon or Nikon?

canon, but its personal perferance!its the photographer behind the camera that defines the best brand

In general, which camera brands do u prefer when it comes to DSLR cameras sony, nikon or canon?

My own DSLR is a Sony, but I'm prepared to be flexible and try to identify the best camera for a persons specific requirements.Oh and to the Nikon (the Canon fans don't seem so defensive IMHO) guys... Read More »