Which printer do you recommend canon or hp and why?

Answer I like HP because that the only I have bought in 5 years. The company have a good reputation with me when I have had concerns.LC

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Which Canon EOS Rebel film camera would photographers recommend?

Any 35 mm EOS you can find. They all work the same.Look on craigslist or in a proper camera shop that sells used gear.Avoid pawn shops and eBay

Which is good printer canon or hp?

Obviously HP is the best. Dont think only that which one offers cheaper ink or which one ios cheap. U just buy HP Printer. Becoz it offers a very very good after sales service. If u complain anythi... Read More »

Which printer you prefer HP or Canon?

Canon is known to produce prints that are extremely cheap. And I mean extremely. But all their printers run slow and cartridge price rises after the model is sold out of the market and a new printe... Read More »

Which is best printer canon or hp?