Which prince kisses& awakens Sleeping Beauty in the Walt Disney movie?

Answer According to the official Disney Archives, the prince in "Sleeping Beauty" is named Prince Philip. Prince Philip fights a fire-breathing dragon and kisses Princess Aurora to break the spell and wak... Read More »

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Snow White Lil Mermaid Sleeping Beauty Or Cinderella Which Disney Movie did u like better?

Cinderella! She was the sweet girl who was fortunate to have a fairy godmother, and she has these evil stepsisters and mothers, but in the end SHEEEEEE gets the prince and the glass slipper!Cindere... Read More »

Which is the song that plays in the tv show beauty and the beast when Vincent kisses Cat for the second time?

Since you don't name the specific episode you are asking about, you can find the music from the show listed here…

Cinderella Snow White Sleeping Beauty or Jasmine Which Female Disney Character do u like better?

My favourite Disney princess was Belle; but from the ones on your list, definitely Aurora a.k.a Sleeping Beauty. She was so pretty and I loved her singing voice and the songs she sang!

How to Draw Sleeping Beauty?

Sleeping Beauty is a 1956 Disney animation based on a French fairy tale by Charles Perrault. Follow this tutorial if you want to draw Princess Aurora (the titular character) slumbering peacefully a... Read More »