Which primate looks like a chimpanzee?

Answer According to the BBC, the Bonobo looks a lot like a chimpanzee but is smaller, less aggressive and has a white tail tuft. Bonobos are an endangered species that are hunted to be sold as pets and fo... Read More »

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What is the oldest primate fossil?

The oldest primate fossil dates back 55 million years. Research suggests primates lived at least 67 million years ago. In India, fossilized teeth of a squirrel-like primate dating back 55 million y... Read More »

Is berlin a primate city?

Berlin, Germany, is not a primate city. This mean Berlin is not by far the largest German city, as London is by far the largest British city. The historical separation between East and West Germany... Read More »

What Are Characteristics of Animals in the Primate Class?

Primates come in many shapes and sizes. Monkeys are primates as are apes and prosimians, such as lemurs. These creatures have many differences, such as their habitat, diet and social behavior. Thes... Read More »

What Adaptations Are Important in Primate Evolution?

Primates are a diverse order with species that include prosimians, monkeys, apes and humans. Most primates live on tropical and subtropical forests. Having conquered all continents, humans make the... Read More »