Which president was blind in his left eye?

Answer According to the PBS series "American Experience," President Theodore Roosevelt was blind in his left eye. He was blinded while boxing, and this fact was kept secret from the public until he left o... Read More »

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I woke up blind in my left eye?

hey sweetheart- you poor thing! get a friend or relative to take you to the emergency department of the nearest hospital or clinic, if noone is there just ask someone on the street to give you a l... Read More »

Can w.anking really make you go blind cos my left eyes gone a bit blurry?

Who was the second left-handed President?

The second left-handed President of the United States was Herbert Hoover. There have been eight left-handed Commanders-in-Chief in U.S. history (as of 2010), with the first being James Garfield. Ha... Read More »

How many Secret Service employees were employed at the time President Bush left office?

Until they die or refuse it. Also, their spouse is protected.