Which president sutiable for U.S.A.& why.?

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Is it legal for our condo board president order the property mgr to close a bank account on which the board treasurer had issued a cheque for payment which the president did not want paid?

The aggrieved party who may have a legal question is the payee named on the check. The conduct of the board -- by this example, carrying on a disagreement with counter-productive and rather public... Read More »

Is a Wacom Graphire4 6" x 8" USB Tablet sutiable for graphic design/digital artwork?

That's the one I have and it hasn't let me down yet. And since you get Photoshop elements with it, you don't have to spend extra on a good program (unless you want CS like I did). You don't even ha... Read More »

Which president is on the $2 bill?

The front of the U.S. $2 bill features a portrait of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. The back of the bill re-creates John Trumbull's famous painting "The Signing of the ... Read More »

Which president established the CIA?

4 years if you have a bachelors degree, but for masters, 2 more years. So your total is 6 years.