Who was the first Postmaster General appointed by Theodore Roosevelt?

Answer Henry C. Payne was the first Postmaster General appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt to oversee the services of the United States Post Office. Henry C. Payne was assigned Postmaster General on... Read More »

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Who was the first woman to be appointed as Surgeon General of the United States?

Antonia Novella was the first woman Surgeon General in the United States. She was appointed by President Bush (the elder). She began service on March 9, 1990 and held the office until June 30, 1993... Read More »

Which president appointed the CIA chief to the NSC?

What were the pros and cons about Janet A Napolitano before she was appointed secretary of homeland security?

Who was the first female major general of the Us army?

Mary C. Clarke, formerly of the Womens Army Corp. She retired at Fort McClellan in 1981 with the rank of Major General.