Which portable heater is best?

Answer On One Hand: Infrared Heaters are GoodThe Optimus H-5210 Infrared Quartz Heater is great for quick heat. Portable heaters (or space heaters) are best when they are easy to handle and warm up fast--... Read More »

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Which is the best portable heater?

On One Hand: The Honeywell HZ-385BPIn a test of safety and performance of 31 portable heaters, Good Housekeeping ranked Honeywell's HZ-385 BP above all other portable heaters. It is easy to use and... Read More »

Which portable heater should i take?

Really?Better go with… unless you live in your car!If you buy the first one you will also need one of these…

Which is the best Samsung portable DVD player?

On One Hand: The Samsung DVD-L100 Remains UnsurpassedThough released in 2002, the DVD-L100 remains Samsung's highest-rated portable DVD player by CNET editors, who gave it a "Very Good" rating (3.5... Read More »

Which company makes the best portable hard drives?

I'd go with Western Digital. But there are some highly rated drives at Some of these are assembled with a different name on them, and who knows what drive is inside. If I h... Read More »