Which pop/soda is your favourite?

Answer hmmm... pepsi... I like the tingiling feeling in my throat lol

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Poll::::which is your favourite dress favourite dress colour?

all girlie girlie dresses like this:……color: mixed floral colors ..edit: that's not my collection ... i wish it w... Read More »

Which is your favourite biscuit or snack to have with your cuppa?

I love kit Kat's or penguins. Especially penguins cause I bite 1 corner off the top and 1 off the opposite bottom corner then suck the tea through. So good.

Which is your favourite of the birds that visit your garden?

Cardinals are beautiful,Blue jays are beautiful but very unfriendly-you can't go in the garden if they are there with their young because they attack you! I once saw a Bluebird-the only one I ever ... Read More »

How to Find Fashion Stores of Your Favourite Brand Names Which Are Near Your Place?

You’re a shopping addict but you’re new in the USA or you’re international students, just like me who have the first time come here. You like some famous fashion brand names but you do not kn... Read More »