Which popcorn pops fastest?

Answer In one experiment done at Boise State University, an education student performed an experiment with her class that concluded Orville Redenbacher popcorn popped two minutes faster than Jolly Time an... Read More »

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Is there a popcorn that pops without hulls?

There are varieties of popcorn that pop without hulls. The hull of the popcorn kernel is the seed coat. Hull-less popcorn kernels are very small; when this type of popcorn pops, only a small kernel... Read More »

Science Projects on How Popcorn Pops?

If popcorn did not pop its name would be inaccurate. How can a Popcorn not pop? Most fortunately the name correctly describes the nature of the food. Popcorn does pop and science can explain the ho... Read More »

Which pops more popcorn: the stove top or the microwave?

On One Hand: Microwaves Pop FasterAll popcorn-popping methods work by heating the moisture inside the popcorn kernel until it vaporizes, breaking open the shell. Microwaves can do this much more qu... Read More »

What kind of popcorn pops the most for a science fair project?

On One Hand: Newman's Own Pops the Most KernelsIn an independent study of comparable butter-flavored microwave popcorn brands, Newman's Own produced a 97 percent rate of kernels popped, followed cl... Read More »