Which plants are best to fertilize with coffee grounds.?

Answer Coffee grounds are good for acid-loving plants, like tomatoes, roses, azaleas & blueberries, however ... you can also use coffee grounds on non-acid loving plants if you mix a tablespoon of garden ... Read More »

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Can coffee grounds be used to fertilize plants?

Coffee grounds can be used as compost material, fertilizer, or mulch. So they can be applied to the surface, or mixed with the below ground soil. Compost used as fertilizer tends to be applied at t... Read More »

How to dilute coffee grounds to fertilize plants?

your better just to use the left over coffee , especially for roses

Do plants and gardens like coffee grounds?

Coffee grounds and even room-temperature coffee can give plants a shot of nitrogen, which prevents plants from getting sickly and keeps leaves green and not yellow.Unless the plants are very sensit... Read More »

Can i use coffee grounds fresh to help my plants grow?

Coffee grounds have some nutrient value, but it's not huge. the biggest thing is pH buffering- the grounds are acidic and this in turn helps make the soil slightly more acid.. good in many cases, ... Read More »