Which plant family helps return nitrogen to the soil?

Answer The Fabaceae family of plants helps return nitrogen to the soil. It also is called the Leguminosae family. It includes such common, popular garden plants as beans and peas.

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Which muscles helps blood return to the heart?

The Gastrocnemius muscles & soleus muscles, return from lower part & larygo-pharynx muscles from upper part. They are often called as secondary hearts.

Which color of light helps a plant grow faster: red, green or white?

Plants use the full spectrum of light from red through yellow to blue and violet, but the most important colors are red and blue. Red light encourages the growth of leaves and flowers, but too much... Read More »

Which brand of soil will make a plant grow faster?

Miracle Gro sells potting soil, and it should be easy to find at any home center. I've also used Schultz because it was cheaper, but Miracle Gro is the most widely used.

Low Nitrogen in Soil?

Nitrogen is a very common element in the soil, but it is also the most common nutrient to be deficient in plants. Since plants are only able to absorb nitrogen in certain forms, it is common for so... Read More »