Which Planets Have No Seasons?

Answer Eight planets circle the Sun. These planets are the only ones in the universe that are currently visible from Earth with enough detail to study their seasons. Several forces govern the seasons of o... Read More »

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Which planets have NASA explored?

Now, if we knew that, then we wouldn't need to do the research, would we?

Rings on Planets in Our Solar System?

At one point in time all of the planets in Earth's solar system had rings. The terrestrial planets --- Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars --- no longer have rings as they were incorporated into the pl... Read More »

Which planets have liquid metallic hydrogen?

The planets Jupiter and Saturn have liquid metallic hydrogen. Each planet has several layers surrounding it's core; one of the layers is composed of this substance. The circular motion of the liqui... Read More »

Which Two Planets Are Closer to the Sun Than the Earth?

The solar system contains eight planets. In order, from closest to farthest from the Sun, they are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Mercury is, on average, about 3... Read More »