Which planet has the longest orbit?

Answer Neptune exhibits the longest orbit---referred to as the "revolution period"---of any planet, at 164.79 years. The distinction of longest revolution period was once owned by Pluto, with a revolution... Read More »

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Which inner planet has the longest orbit?

Mars has the longest orbit of the inner planets, at 1.5 AU. One AU (Astronomical Unit) is the distance from the Earth to the Sun--about 93 million miles. The inner planets, in order of distance fro... Read More »

What were the names of the space probes nasa launched in 2003 which planet was their destination what was their job when they got to the planet?

Enterprise, Columbia,challenger,Discovery,Atlantis,Endeavour. In this order, all shuttles.

Which is the largest ocean on the planet?

The largest of the five oceans on the planet is the Pacific Ocean. It covers an area of over 60 million square miles and has an average depth of 2.8 miles.References:University of Delaware: Expedit... Read More »

Which planet did Galileo orbit?

NASA's Galileo spacecraft entered the orbit of Jupiter in December 1995 and spent the next five years discovering information about Jupiter and its moons. Galileo's mission ended Sept. 21, 2003, wh... Read More »