Which planet has a longer day: Jupiter or Saturn?

Answer Saturn has a longer day than Jupiter. Its day is 10 hours and 47 minutes (or 10.2 hours) long, while Jupiter's day is nine hours and 54 minutes (or 9.8 hours) long. A day on Jupiter is called a Jov... Read More »

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Which planet has more rings: Jupiter or Saturn?

According to NASA, Jupiter has six rings: a flat main ring, an inner cloud-like ring or halo and a gossamer ring. The gossamer ring is made up of three rings. Saturn has seven rings: ring A, B and ... Read More »

Which is the biggest planet: Jupiter, Saturn or Neptune?

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, with a diameter of 88,729 miles. In comparison, Saturn, the second-largest planet, has a diameter of 74,600 miles, while that of Neptune, the four... Read More »

Is Jupiter a hot planet?

Jupiter is both hot and cold. At its core, temperatures can be up to 43,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Above its clouds, the planet's average temperature is -230 degrees Fahrenheit. However, below the clo... Read More »

How big is the planet Jupiter?

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is 88,846 miles in diameter, which is 11 times that of of earth. It takes about 1,000 Earths to fill up the volume of the giant. Jupter's mass is 31... Read More »