Which pic is best to make as profile pic?

Answer here's what I think. I think you're a beautiful girl. I love the color, I'm always too cautious as to how red hair works and if I should dye it, but you pull it off. Here's the thing, I say the fir... Read More »

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Which of these is the best option for a profile picture?

none, u need to get a nose job ure nose is like huge and fix your eyebrows there 2 thin and look chavy x

Is there really a secret software that can make you find out which people are checking your facebook profile?

Which is the best graphics card to buy which will make flight sim x look great?

Unfortunately, All-In One computers like the HP Touchsmart series cannot be upgraded other than adding RAM. The graphics "card" is a permanent chipset on the motherboard, just like with laptops.Re... Read More »

Which pic should i use as my facebook profile pic?

Dear Megan,Definitely first one! It's so adorable and hawwt. You should put it up as facebook pic. Lemme hit you up, jk.