Which phone is better the Samsung Solstice or the Iphone4?

Answer The price for an iPhone does not change paced on age. The price for the iPhone itself is between $199-$299 (16GB and 32GB). Then you have to choose between the at&t plan or the Verizon plan. There ... Read More »

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USB Cords Compatible With the Samsung Solstice?

The Samsung Solstice is a smartphone produced by Samsung, and it features a full, pull-out Qwerty keyboard, global positioning system (GPS) navigation and a touch screen. A universal serial bus cab... Read More »

What Are the Starting Widgets on the Samsung Solstice?

The Solstice is a model of mobile phone created by the global electronics manufacturer Samsung. It is a smartphone, meaning that it incorporates more advanced computing technologies than traditiona... Read More »

How to Delete Call Block on a Samsung Solstice?

Nobody likes to be bothered by nuisance callers, so Samsung added a call block feature to stop such calls on your Solstice phone. This feature allows you to add a number to an "Auto Reject" list, w... Read More »

How do you delete recent contacts from a samsung solstice?

Remove your SIM card. Then, insert it back into the phone. Your recent text contacts should be deleted.Example- (Before removing SIM)Menu>>Messaging>>Create Message>>Composed Text: Hey!Send To>>Rec... Read More »