Which phone is batter sidekick lx or iPhone 3g?

Answer sidekick and iphonesidekick and iphone

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Which phone should I get, Sidekick LX or the iPhone ?

***depends really on what services you have. if you have cingular, then get the iphone... if you have tmobile then get the SIDEKICK. They won't work nearly to their full potential if on opposing ne... Read More »

What is batter the iphone 4 or the xperia play?

You can't! The 9 minute snooze time is a default manufacture setting that users are not allowed to manipulate. This is so for many other handsets so don't get too upset at apple.

What is the batter life of an apple iPhone?

A Griffen just because its thinner but otterboxes also protect reallly well dependswhat kinda user u areGriffen- style otterbox- protection

Iphone or Sidekick?

omg iphone! i had a sidekick and it freezes all the time and it will break and it is not that good so get iphone and when i droped my sidekick once the whole thing shattered and the screen can get ... Read More »