Which person helps kids get from 1 side of the street to the other?

Answer Crossing Guard

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Digital camera photo I took that you can see through person arm on to the other side is it possible?

If you take an image with a slow shutter speed of a person moving, yes it is possible. The camera captures part of the image with the arm in one position and part of the image is with the arm out ... Read More »

Other then fraggle rock sesame street the muppet show what other muppet featured childrens sHow is were there from late 80s early 90s?

What is the difference between a side street and a cross street?

I take it that English is not your primary language...A "side street" is a street that is not a thoroughfare... frequently a residential street. A "cross street" is one that intersects with (crosse... Read More »

How to Turn off a Light Switch From the Other Side of the Room?

Do you need to turn the light off and don't want to travel across the room in the dark? If this is the case, please continue reading this helpful article for some suggestions on this topic.