Which penis enlargement pill is best?

Answer Hey BL,Hate to break it to ya but... The only thing any of those pills are good for is separating you from your cash. There is not one thing out there that will make your penis any bigger once it's... Read More »

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How to increase penis size naturally what is the best penis enlargement?

I remember reading somewhere that if you squeeze just underneath the head of your penis gently then gently pull your penis away from you every day for a few months it can make it grow up to one inc... Read More »

What is the best penis enlargement system?

On One Hand: None of Them WorkAccording to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), no system--be it a pill regimen, pumps or lotions--has been proven to extend the natural length of the male penis.... Read More »

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Do you think the man whose penis is shown on the Wikipedia article, "Penis" is embarassed ?

No, his face isn't showing so why would he be embarrassed?Don't know if I'd be embarrassed while the pics were taken..I don't have a penis.