Which part of the radish do we eat?

Answer all of it

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Radish Fungus?

Fungus-based diseases can attack a radish plants' roots and leaves and even destroy seedlings before harvest time arrives. Some common radish fungi include black root, cercospora leafspot, downy mi... Read More »

How do you plant radish?

Radish can be sown almost all year round in temperate climates, and all but the coldest months in cooler areas. Sow the seed one quarter inch deep into soil that has been prepared to a fine textur... Read More »

Do i need to cook the red radish for a salad?

No radishes for salads are best raw and sliced thin. Do wash don't peel the redish color is a nice contrast to white insides.

What do radish seeds grow?

Radish seeds grow radishes, just like apple seeds grow apple trees.