Which part of the egg contains salmonella?

Answer The Incredible Edible Egg website explains that salmonella bacteria can be found in both the whites and yolks of an infected egg. Salmonella contamination begins in the egg whites. As the egg gets ... Read More »

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Are there any vaccinations for salmonella?

Salmonella is found in different types of food. There really is no proven way to fight off an salmonella infestations in your food that you eat.

What is the scientific name for salmonella?

The term "salmonella" is itself a scientific name. Salmonella is a species of bacteria discovered by veterinary surgeon D.E. Salmon in 1885. There are 2213 serotypes within the Salmonella species. ... Read More »

How does an egg get salmonella contamination?

The main type of Salmonella that infects eggs is Salmonella Enteritidis, sometimes abbreviated as SE. Eggs can become contaminated in two ways: Surface contamination of the outside of the shell. Sa... Read More »

When was salmonella first discovered?

It was discovered first in 1885 by an American scientist named salmon.