Which part of jquery.js file I need to remove ?

Answer jQuery's current version (1.3.2) of a JavaScript Library is under 56-KB in size, so there does not seem to be a need to remove portions of it to make it more compact. You are better off just leavi... Read More »

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Since John McCain's birthplace which is a US miliary base in Panama is considered part of the US is the US military base at Guantanamo Bay also part of the US?

Of course it is. The Cuban flag does not fly there, but Old Glory does. No, Guantanamo is NOT part of the United States. It is Cuban territory, leased to the United States under a long-term lease ... Read More »

Do you need a contract to use the iPhone 3G even if you don't need the phone part?

Yess you can ( but not through the itunes updates). if you are available for an upgrade, just go to the store and you can get the 16GB iPhone for $199, or the 32GB for $299. IF you are NOT availabl... Read More »

I have a combined tv/dvd player which no longer works. i need to remove a dvd inside it -any ideas how i can?

Which part of the retractor is the army and which is the navy?