Which part of egg is not considered good for health and why.?

Answer All of it because of various reasons. 1. the male chick is killed either by being thrown into a trashbag or dumpster and suffocated too death or ground up for animal feed. 2. the hens who lay the e... Read More »

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Do you take lots of vitamins as part of your good health plan?

I do take a few specific vitamins. I eat lots of veggies and fruit from my garden in the summer which I plant organically, but I know that many foods are not grown in terrific soil and also some vi... Read More »

Since John McCain's birthplace which is a US miliary base in Panama is considered part of the US is the US military base at Guantanamo Bay also part of the US?

Of course it is. The Cuban flag does not fly there, but Old Glory does. No, Guantanamo is NOT part of the United States. It is Cuban territory, leased to the United States under a long-term lease ... Read More »

Is 32 hours considered part time?

The Fair Labor Standards Act put forth by the federal government does not define, in any specific terms, the necessary number of hours worked to be considered full time. This task has been left to ... Read More »

What is considered part-time employment?

Having a job does nto always mean working eight to five, five days a week. There are many reasons why employers and employees prefer part-time schedules, as well as different definitions of what pa... Read More »