Which part of egg has more cholesterol?

Answer All of the cholesterol in a chicken egg can be found in the egg's yolk. A large chicken egg has about 213 mg of cholesterol. Egg whites, however, contain no Are C... Read More »

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Which has more cholesterol, an egg white or egg yolk?

Egg whites contain no cholesterol. The yolk accounts for the egg's entire cholesterol content--about 213 mg per large egg, according to Mayo Clinic cardiologist Dr. Thomas Behrenbeck. The American ... Read More »

Hands or Legs..........Which part is more hard working...Why ?

Legs because they take the full pressure of our own weight, pressure on the joints and ligaments. Hands do a lot but not so strenuously as the legs.

Which is more dangerous: high Cholesterol levels (LDL) or high Triglyceride levels?

Harvard Medical School has confirmed that the best way of predicting coronary artery disease is by dividing your triglycerides by your "good" HDL. (TG/HDL) Triglycerides are more dangerous. Your ... Read More »

What has more cholesterol: steak or lobster?

Steak has more cholesterol than lobster. A 3 oz. lobster has about 61 mg of cholesterol, while a lean, 3 oz. porterhouse steak contains about 71 mg of cholesterol. Steaks with more fat content will... Read More »