Which ornamental peppers are not edible?

Answer Pas a home depot associate i have been ask about the ornamental peppers could people eat them even if they say they are ornamental Both Black Pearl and Tangerine Dream are edible, however, plants ... Read More »

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Are ornamental hot thai peppers edible?

Please don't eat the ornamental peppers! While they might not kill you, they were never intended for eating. Some sources say they are poisonous, others just say "don't eat those." So while the orn... Read More »

Can Thai hot ornamental peppers be eaten?

Thai hot ornamental peppers are a version of the Capsicum annuum pepper and are edible but lack flavor. They are one of many peppers from Thailand that have proven popular, including the Thai hot d... Read More »

Is a plum tree edible or ornamental?

Plum trees produce edible fruit. The fruit is used for fresh snacks, canning, freezing, desserts, jams, jellies and sauces. Plum trees grow fruit that are red, blue, green, purple and yellow. Ripe ... Read More »

Are the peppers on a Medusa Pepper edible?

Yes, provided that you are sure that is what they are, as there are some ornamental peppers that are not edible.