Which organelle if empty would cause the plant to wilt?

Answer Vacuole

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Which organelle would you expect to find in plant cells?

Chloroplasts are organelles that help plants make their own food through the process of photosynthesis. Other organelles found in plant cells include the mitochondria (stores energy in the cell), t... Read More »

What cause a plant's leaves to wilt?

This is a loaded question. It can be due to micro or macronutrient deficiency, lack of water, too much sunlight, high salinity, infection, etc. The mechanical part of wilting is due to cells in the... Read More »

What causes a plant to wilt?

ANSWER:There are many reasons that a plant wilts. Lack of water in the plant's cells (lower turgidity) reduces its ability to remain rigid or erect. Other reasons are diseases, bacteria or fungi th... Read More »

How do I prevent tomato plant wilt?

WateringWater tomato plants that display signs of wilting leaves if the plant has not received significant rain. Growing plants need 1 inch of water per week. Water plants only at the base to disco... Read More »