Which organ makes the sperm&testosterone?

Answer The sex organs which are responsible for producing and storing sperm are the testicles. The testicles also produce testosterone, the main hormone that is necessary to stimulate the sperm production... Read More »

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Which organ system makes blood cells?

Your skeletal system produces the blood cells in your body. Specifically, the red marrow inside some of your bones (your ribs, vertebrae, sternum, some of your pelvic bones, and the proximal ends o... Read More »

Which organ produces lipase?

Lipase is mainly produced in the pancreas, but also in the mouth and stomach. Lipase is the enzyme that helps the body break down fats. People who suffer from cystic fibrosis, Crohn's disease and ... Read More »

Which organ produces urea?

Urea is produced in the liver of both humans and animals. It is a waste product made when the organ breaks down proteins, amino acids and ammonia. The kidneys are responsible for filtering urea fro... Read More »

Which organ looks like a camera?

There are no Organs that looks remotely like a camera