Which organ looks like a camera?

Answer There are no Organs that looks remotely like a camera

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Which person looks like to have a smaller bone structure which person looks the smaller clothes sizes?

Ok person 1 looks like they have a smaller bone structure because her legs, arms, and shoulder area looks smaller but person 2 looks like they wear a smaller size because they just look smaller eve... Read More »

Which outfit do you like best/which girl looks prettiest?

Middle girl is pretty.Left girl's outfit is pretty

Which primate looks like a chimpanzee?

According to the BBC, the Bonobo looks a lot like a chimpanzee but is smaller, less aggressive and has a white tail tuft. Bonobos are an endangered species that are hunted to be sold as pets and fo... Read More »

Which ESPN analyst looks like sam the muppet?

Yes they sure do, and in wide varieties and styles to boot. Really though, the ESPN shop not only has the right socks they also offer a full line of sports apparel for men, women and even children.