What do each of the 8 wires in an Ethernet cable 'do' (functions) And which ones do which?

Answer Well I will try to make this very simple. Cat5E is just a category of cable. if my memory serves me correctly, the latest category is Cat6. I'm not sure what the AWG is but the 4-pair means there... Read More »

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Which ones are tainted?…I found this on my breastfeeding site. I am sure if you google it, you can find more information. This should never, EVER be allowed to happen with baby p... Read More »

Which ones prettier!!!!!!?

Each of the girls have a lot of flaws.People will say Chelsy because she is thinner.:/I personally dont think either of you are that great looking.Sorry.

RayBans or Oakleys. Which ones to buy!!?

Depends on what you want to wear them for and what frames you're looking at.But over all, Oakley wins hands down for strength, clarity and durability.There's a reason why Oakley is the number 1 bra... Read More »

Which ones better blue ray or DVD?

Blu-Ray holds a lot more data, and they have a better protective coating, so resist damage better. Because they hold a lot more data, they can fit HD versions of movies on the Blu-Ray discs, takin... Read More »