Which oneMaya or 3ds Max?

Answer If you have the money to purchase either one of these (and they are both very expensive), then I would say to get them both and learn each one.It will make you a better graphics person, give you an... Read More »

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Which is better HD DVD or Blu-Ray Which will win the war Which would you buy and why?

Will it is way to early to say who is going to win. When VHS & Beta were at war, it took 9 yrs to figure out who declare the winner. Remember history always repeats it self. Since Paramount Picture... Read More »

Which element in the periodic table has the largest ionization energy and which has the smallest?

On average, moving along the periodic table left to right, ionization energy increases, while moving top to bottom it decreases. The element with the highest ionization energy, therefore, appears o... Read More »

I'm thinking of buying a new computer. which is best or which do you recommend. Microsoft OR apple?

OK, first you have to decide what you want to do. So here is a checklist, and which would be better for that. - too lazy to do maintenance - Apple- games - Windows (Apple would really suck at thi... Read More »

I have both MSN and Yahoo Messenger however which one shall I use, and which one do you prefer?