Which one which one facebook or myspace?

Answer MySpace because I like to fix up my profile with awesome backgrounds

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Which is better myspace or facebook, I want to join but which one?

Facebook by a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong shot.Myspace is horrible.

Myspace or facebook Which do you prefer?

i did like facebook the best.until they changed it..i like the old one MYSPACE:]

Which is better, MySpace or Facebook?

I used to love MySpace, and hate Facebook... but now it's the exact opposite. Facebook is so much easier and more fun to be on, and MySpace has gotten so old. Barely any of my friends go on religio... Read More »

Which is better "Facebook" or "Myspace" ?

Privacy...honestly Myspace. Everyone thinks its unsafe. But in facebook you have ur full name, school, work, and age! In myspace all u have is a picture!Myspace is more fun because you can create u... Read More »