Which one to buy iPhone 3GS or ipod 4?

Answer Well the blackberry has a keyboard which is better but I rather you get the iPhone 4s cuz everything like camera quality is better

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Which is better in your opinion iPhone 4 or HTC Inspire 4G I already have an iPod touch 4G so would an iPhone be worth it?

i say the iphone is worth it because you cant make calls or search the web while on a car with your ipod...

Which is better iPhone or ipod 4?

well ipod 4 touch with a camra and a iphone 4 3G is tecnicly the same but iphone is a little better

Which would i rather get an iphone or Ipod Touch?

It depends on what you need. Do you have a cellphone with a camera? The iPod touch doesn't have a camera or a mic. You'll need a mic if you want to use some apps that require it. The memory is the ... Read More »

Which would be better to get, an ipod touch or an iphone?

It all depends on what you want. If you want a phone then get the iPhone. If you want something mainly for music and gameplay then get the iPod Touch. I would recommend the iPod because when you bu... Read More »