Which one should I get - Nvidia GTX460 or GTX550 ti ?

Answer GTX 460 > GTX 550 TiThey're ripping you off if they want you to pay $30 for a worse card.

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NVIDIA EVGA GeForce GTX550 Ti, Dangerous Temperatures?

80 degrees Celsius is nothing to be alarmed about when gaming. The maximum temperature the GTX 550 Ti should be is 100 degrees Celsius. If it's performing at 70 degrees Celsius when gaming, this is... Read More »

Can Corsair VS450 handle Sparkle Nvidia GTX460 ?

YesThat corsair is compatible with all the parts you have

Which is better , NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX460 or AMD ATI RADEON HD 7850.....and how about it price?

Is the Nvidia better than the ATI?

You cant really say that, ATi and Nvidia just keep jumping over each other in their GPUs, ATi Released 7xxx series that beat 5xx series, then Nvidia released 6xx series that beat the ATi 7xxx serie... Read More »