Which one should I choose LCD or Plasma?

Answer LCD is not burn-in and last longer.I suggest Samsung LN46A650 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV with RED Touch of Color.Great picture.…

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Which one to choose in TV.. LCD or Plasma?

1) Plasma or Lcd. One major qusetion is do you have a lot of light in the room where you will be watching this tv. If so it would benefit you more to go to Lcd they are less reflective than plasma.... Read More »

What are the Big Differences between LCD / LED / HD TV & PLASMA TV Which one I have to choose for my Home ?

HDTV refers to the signal being transmitted. It the latest standard that has better a better picture and sound than the old standard which is called SDTV. LCD, LED, and Plasma refers to the the typ... Read More »

Which should i get. plasma or lcd tv?

My opinion is plasma but plasma isnt for everbody..1. Plasma and LCD technology - what's the difference?Plasma and LCD panels may look similar, but the flat screen and thin profile is where the sim... Read More »

Which one should I Buy LED or Plasma?

Plasma works better in dark rooms, LCD is better for lighter rooms, LED is the same as LCD for lighting, the LED picture is no better than the LCD, the main difference is the profile, LED's are thi... Read More »