Which one of these laptops is better?

Answer 1gb vs 2gb doesnt give that much benefit, anyways you can get a cheaper laptop than those 2, with a slightly better graphics card-…

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Which of these two laptops are better?

Definitely Laptop 2, Some games require more ram. Also Intel i5 Dual core perform better than Intel q9000 quad core.

Which of these two laptops is better?

I can't believe all the answers to this question except for one missing the basic point.You can't even begin to figure out what might be best unless the question lists the anticipated usage scenari... Read More »

Which of these laptops are better for the sims 3?

Always go for better GPU for gaming. In this case, Acer has a better GPU, rest similar except for a dirt cheap 2GB RAM lower which you won't see any difference anyway, yet costing lower. I would go... Read More »

Which of these laptops has better gaming specs buying one soon!?

Second One For1.Gaming performance with graphics card2.Gaming performance with ram3.Gaming performance with processor.There is more ram and the graphics card has twice the memory as the first. I ha... Read More »