Which one of these five things is least like the other four?

Answer Most women are at least four weeks pregnant when the discover they are pregnant. You should wait at least fourteen days after intercourse to take a home pregnancy test and get the most accurate res... Read More »

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Which one of the four least like the other three apple pear peach strawberry?

The answer is a strawberry,I believe. Why? Well, a couple reasons No skin, smaller size, Seeds on the outside unlike any of the others. Also, the strawberry is the least similar in that it is a her... Read More »

Besides the usual Pepsi & Coke Which other kind of Soda do you like Which is also your least favorite Soda?

My favorite soda is Diet Dr. Pepper. I also like regular Dr. Pepper when I can't find diet. In my opinion, they taste the same, but I usually go with the diet because it has 0 calories. My least fa... Read More »

Which of these beers are least bitter?

I'm hear to answer which is least bitter, not which I like bestCorona is the least bitter of all the choices

Which one of these five digital cameras should I buy?

I have used the Hp 727,Hp 717 Hp 707, and Hp M 305, and Sony Mavica 88, Sony Mavica Fd 100 depends what your doing or taking pictures of.... they all take very good pictures even in dim light if... Read More »