Which one is the best in these images?

Answer Image 1- 2Image 2- 5Image 3- 4But I really like them all. I think the second one pops out the most and makes you interested. The first one doesn't have enough color, in my opinion, and the third se... Read More »

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Is it illegal to put internet downloaded images on my own website for eg. funny images/ celebrities images.?

It shouldn't be risked.Unless you have permission, you should never do so without permission, else you risk yourself of getting into trouble with the website/company/organization -- which means leg... Read More »

How do I get missing target images for the downloaded pictures from Nikon E5600 camera I can see images with?

I'm afraid this question is rather vague; you don't say where you are. However, Ebay will usually have a good range of Nikon equipment. In the UK, Ffordes, MXV and Mr Cad sell used equipment, Grays... Read More »

Where can i download a free program to convert raster images to vector images like Illustrator Live Trace?

The part of your question that makes this the most difficult to answer is: "FREE". There are several applications that will do what you are wanting to accomplish, but I am not aware of any which ... Read More »

What type of file must you use when scanning images or uploading images into iPERMS?