Which one is the best TV, Plasma or LCD systems?

Answer LCD.....good for Eyes, without which No Plasma and nothing.

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Plasma TV or LCD TV Which one is best and which one's life is very long ?

Which is best lcd or plasma tv?

LCD has Better Color Clarity and resolution(Personally).I spent over 2 months researching which would suit my needs better.I heard stuff about Plasma and LCD-Good,Bad & Indiffernet!From Negative Po... Read More »

Which tv is the best LCD, LED or plasma..?

The three technologies are vastly different, particularly how each the screen is lit. In plasma HDTVs, the phosphors that create the image on the screen light up themselves, and don't need any back... Read More »

Which is the best television a plasma or lcd?

LCD is the better overall value. Plasma has screen burn-in issues.___