Which one is the Best Anti-virus ?

Answer Depends what you mean by "best".Do you mean:- Cheapest (some are free)- Easiest to use (may have limited features)- Catches the most viruses (may be expensive and/or hard to use)- Most features (ma... Read More »

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Which anti virus is best Norotn Anti Virus, McaFee, or Avast!?

I would say none of those. Go with AVG Antivirus. Works great and it's totally free.

My computer has a virus...which anti-virus works the best?

closing the stable doors after the horse has bolted is not a good idea.☮

What is a virus Which is the best anti virus software ?

After many years of using free A/V and anti malware I installed a Norton trial Internet security 2012 on my daughters and granddaughters computers.I always felt Norton was a huge resource hog but t... Read More »

Which PC anti-virus is the best?

----Description----If you're willing to pay for an anti-virus after the 30 day trial, it would be Kaspersky.If you aren't willing to pay for an anti-virus, it would be Avira or Avast depending on y... Read More »