Which one is the BEST between the 2 overall?

Answer We cannot know which is best for you.Do this and then you decide.Go into a camera store and see which camera fits your hands the best.See which cameras menu is the easiest for you to use to make ch... Read More »

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Between these two builds, which one is better overall?

There both actually Quite good Builds .The AMD build is the one i would be looking at .I am quite impressed by that build .The Intel build is ok but for your needs i would definitely go for the AMD... Read More »

Of these corporations, which gives the best overall service in most or all areas?

Wal mart...and the bonus is, they carry clothing for your wife, Opie! :-)

Which offers the best overall picture quality - high-end Samsung or Panasonic plasma or Samsung LED?

Panasonic Plasma, hands down. Plasma delivers more vivid colors, truer blacks, and deeper contrast to LCD, even LED LCD. Panasonic Viera Plasmas or Pioneer Kuro Elite Plasmas are the go to choice... Read More »

Which computer overall is better?

Let's see. Both slimline. Upgraded anything but ram is a royal pain, so, like buying a laptop, what you see is what you get. It takes a mid-tower to make upgrade easy. These are minimal systems for... Read More »